A La Carte Menu

Zeera Spice Strength Guide

The coloured circles are your guide to how hot and spicy a main course will be. Yellow being mild, Green being medium and Red being hot. Please don’t hesitate to ask your waiter for advice.

V Vegetarian
N Contains Nuts
G Gluten

We highly recommend that you have vegetable side dishes to compliment our main courses. These are often shared. These dishes can also be prepared as a Vegetarian Main Course.

All Side Dishes are: £3.70
Prepared as a Vegetarian Main Dish: £6.50

Most main course dishes can also be prepared with vegetables.

The following rices are prepared with basmati, the nest rice in the world, flavoured with saffron and ghee.

Freshly baked breads. Please note Naan breads contain egg. Any extra Naan filling 50p Extra.

All served with chips and salad